Right Wrong Game Co. makes gateway games that bridge the gap between different genres and levels of players. Whether you're a total newb, casual or serious, we have something for you. We are on a quest to create fun-first, educational games that inspire mental wellness and we believe that the more people we bring to the table, the nicer the world becomes.


These days the world is increasingly combative. Rhetoric can be normalized. Point-of-views can be misconstrued. Opinions can be presented as concrete truths. And then comes the name calling.

This game was inspired in by a real life office drama.


Through fun and humor, we have a platform channel our energy and reflect in a safe environment, free from hurt feelings and real consequence.


Hi, we’re Derek and Darylle, co-founders of Right Wrong Games.

We’ve been friends for 15 years: met at a Friends’giving Dinner, used to skateboard around the Vancouver seawall with beers, and Derek built all of Darylle’s past websites.

During the pandemic, Darylle’s dance studio also got rocked by closures, and needed a new start. Derek, was just flat out burnt out.

So, we decided to make card games inspired by mental wellness. We've both been 'start now and figure it out', 'fly by the seat of our pants' kind of entreprenuers for the past 2 decades. And it's primarily worked out. So we just dove head first in to our first retail product venture...

What a journey it has been. We've had our ups and downs. But we've learned so much along the way. Our spirits may be bruised, but our hearts are full and our friendship is strong. And we've met many amazing new friends along the way.

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He has a bone to pick.

Despite owning a restaurant, running an online toy store, and other side projects he can never get above the 5th floor...


She's woke AF.

Fresh from her travels across South East Asia, she's brought back more than photos— a new outlook on life you just HAVE TO hear about.


ARG-U3 has no F's to give.

Everything can be justified. Wrong or right is all relative. And there is an equation for why warm beer is better than cold.


He is very concerned.

Cave prices are out of control and human captivity is cruelty. Plus bear lives matter!

Derek Lam

Product Developer

The king of the buzzer beaters is never too early nor late.

Darylle Johnson

Business & Logistics

She likes to go fast. She's our champion of re-routed shipments and broken bones.

Will Heldt


Armed with his trusty lvl 9 pen, he our master of dungeons... in a dice and dragons kinda way...


We are looking for artists and community builders to work with. Hit us up at hello@rightwronggame.com

Learn In As You Go, Cool Art.

This game is both easy and complex. All the instructions are on the cards, so you just follow what each card says and play. For somebody new to strategy games, there might be a bit of a learning curve…

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Cool style and vibe to this game! The instructions are pleasingly clear and easy to learn. We found ourselves playing multiple games and gathering more strategic approaches each time – so it has a satisfying learning curve. It’s a lighthearted, silly, and addicting play.

Christian S
Verified Purchase

Once you learn the game, it’s extremely fun

Got this for some of our friend/ family nights, absolutely fun game, just read the rules very carefully. Guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun. The design is nice, the cards are nice, really good design overall

George A.

We make games inspired by mental wellness.
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