The Almighty God Card

Inter-dimensional Time Travel

**Pick any card from the played pile and add it to your hand.**

We were done creating I’m Right You’re Wrong. We were ready to launch. And then we had another crazy idea —- LET’S MAKE A FEW LIMITED EDITION GOD CARDS!!!

This is when Remi appeared, the innocent yet wickedly troubling catfish. Remi always ends up in the WRONG place at the RIGHT time. And in this case, she landed in Right Wrong Game Co’s office where she accidentally uncovered Derek’s scroll of arguments unleashing all magics of the universe. The moment Remi read the scroll, she was enlightened with the most brilliant comebacks that could ever exist – nobody could beat her in an argument.

(We would like to tell you more about WHY Remi was in our office, but that nightmarish of a story is for another day.)

This heroic level card is found in ‘Game-Breaker‘ … an epically mystical expansion pack for I’m Right You’re Wrong.

Getting Lost Down The Rabbit Hole…

What is time? Is it actually linear? Or is it only how we perceive it?

They say that time goes faster as we get older. I think time goes faster when we are less present and stop experiencing new things.

Imagine a year full of groundhog days versus a year of aggressively tackling your fears, trying new activities, meeting new people and living outside your comfort zone.

Both consistency and spontaneity can be uncomfortable, just in different ways, but one brings a depth of experiences, and the other brings safety.

Living life day-to-day might seem short because of the mundane feeling. If you can’t stack experience and quantify them, it feels smaller.

When I start stepping out of my shell and continually experiencing newness, my bank of memories seems so much bigger and life appears to feel more packed with memories and therefor expanding the perception of time.

June 7, 2022

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