Characters Unfolding & The Creative Process

👉 It’s been a long back and forth journey of trying to find the perfect artwork to capture the feeling of our next game.

We’ve been building the game for nearly 9 months now, and started exploring artwork in December.

Throughout this process, we’ve fallen in love with characters, concepts and artwork many times.

That’s one of the good problems to have when you’ve got a guy like @wiillustration on your team.

So much talent 👀

But here’s the thing about character art – it tells a story and sets the tone of the game that it’s a part of.

And with a game like the one we are about to make, we believe that getting this tone right will make or break the first impression, and even the experience.

No sweat 🥵
No pressure 😮‍💨
All good over here mate 🤥

We had to keep digging!

One difficult thing about this process is that you don’t always know what you’re looking for until you find it. 🔬

You can discover components and psychological layers about your project while it’s being created.

Making a game is not a linear process.

And while that makes it challenging, it also makes the process into a game itself.

We’re feeling pretty happy with where this is going.

But, we want to know what YOU think! 📣

Let us know your opinion in the comments! 🗣

February 23, 2023

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