Our First Retail Store Demo.

I just visited a game store in Dallas to demo our game. This was my first time ever demo’ing our game in a professional way. Previously, it had been in a casual setting meeting new and old friends to play.

What if they don’t like the game? What if I spill the cards everywhere? What if I say something awkward?

In reality, fear isn’t real and we should just trust in our own abilities.

I had already been by this store twice to learn when is the best time to come by, to introduce myself and get acquainted to an unfamiliar setting.

The store owner who I previously communicated with was not there, but the new guy was also an owner. I asked if I could demo and he said yes! I explained the inspiration of the game, how arguments is the theme down to the very mechanic. I shared how I’m Right You’re Wrong is a ‘gateway’ game between Jenga lovers and Gloomhaven fanatics.

A catalyst for non-gamers to learn a little more about strategy games.

I explained how we’ve been getting this into mainstreamers hands but they’re not understanding trap card mechanics and strategy game nuances. How the game is not difficult, but it’s hard to learn if you’re brand new and nobody to teach you as you play.

When I think about it, I’ve never bought a game without having played it at a friends house first. 100% of the time, the way I buy games is through experience and word of mouth – not advertising. I told him that we need to get this into the hands of people who understand it and can explain it through experiences.

He thought it sounded interesting right off the bat, and really liked the theme, so we got right to it.

After about 2 minutes, I accidentally killed him off right away. OOPS. 😈

We played the game with a simple 3 card hand. I forced him to play the ‘Return 2 Cards‘ ‘SCREW YOU‘ card. This put him out of the game almost immediately.

He said that it reminds him of a more advanced UNO in the way you attack others. He said his wife would love this games simplicity and asked if they can keep a copy in the store so they can start to show people and get a sense of the demand.

I’d say it was a successful first demo! This gave me confidence and with one under my belt, I’m much less nervous and the show goes on!

June 16, 2022

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