Isn’t the world dysfunctional enough?!?

Help us make mental wellness fun!

As entrepreneurs, mental health always took a backseat. 

Derek and I are your typical elbow bruised entrepreneurs. From running restaurants and dance studios to creating dating apps and more, we’ve worn a few hats – and that has come at a cost.   When the two of us came together to create a game about arguments, it was for the underlying purpose of promoting mental wellness in a fun & functional way. Learning is best done via first-hand experience and our game encompasses this approach.  

We flipped the typical take-that card game, where you’re rewarded for attacking opponents. In I’m Right You’re Wrong, you are punished for attacking, making us rethink human behaviours and egos…competitive games.  So, we hit the road and created the first ever game about arguments! 

June 1, 2022

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