Mental & Emotional Agility Through Games

Our goal as a publisher is to create a range of light strategy party games from difficulty level 1 through 10. Games that welcome players who have never touched a strategy game in their life, to those who are thinking 12 steps ahead.

Here’s an image of a level 1 game concept we’re playing with. It’s a memory game about positive self talk and self compassion.

Our hope is that by playing new games with new strategies and by learning new things, synapses will fire together and therefor wire together.

We are not doctors, but we believe that trying new things and learning new skills could help with mental and emotional agility and promote neural connections in the brain.

Our idea is that players can start at any level of strategy from our game selection, and be able to move up in difficulty. Over time, players can challenge themselves the more complex games as they master the current difficulty level.

Our games are created with positive themes in mind that reflect real life parodies. We really want to spread joy through games and encourage players of all levels to practice healthy self talk, transform turmoil into blessings, and approach arguments w kindness & understanding.

We are currently getting ready to launch a level 5/6 game on Kickstarter this summer, but we’re also working on this level 1 game that’s great for anybody new to games or wanting to simply play something that makes them feel good.

We’re curious to know your thoughts? What do you think about our concept or wellness party games?

March 5, 2023

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