Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for people like us who have a cool idea and want to see if people like it. Crowdfunding is where you (the crowd) think we have good ideas and you give us money to make the product come to life. In return, you get a copy of that product. As more people fund the project, the more we improve it and offer extra cool stuff.  

Without the funding from Kickstarter, we literally could not make this happen, so it’s a way for people to come together and vote with their dollars. You decide whether we suck or rock and if the game should be made. 

The game is not in production yet, except initial prototypes to do testing. This is unlike retail stores where products are already mass produced and available to buy. When our campaign is “successful”, it’s ‘funded’ and we can go to work to put this into production.

When the campaign ends, you’re going to get a survey from a company called BackerKit. It explains how you will claim your reward. It also gives you the chance to buy extra copies of the game. 

This is not Amazon or Toys R Us. You’re not buying a product that has already hit the shelves of 1 million americans. You are an innovator! You get to be part of the reason why this game even took off in the first place. You’ll get to tell your friends that part of the reason I’m Right You’re Wrong exists today, is because you were a backer! Pretty awesome, not gonna lie.