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Outwit and outlast your opponent(s), by holding onto your hand, and not breaking a rule.

The twist is… attacking opponents screws you over, not them. It’s the only card game where playing your least worst option is your best. Play is similar to other casual games (hand management, elimination, take that). No actual role-play or arguing involved.

  1. Take Turns.
  2. Start each turn by drawing a card
  3. Play one from your hand and follow the rule on the card.
  4. Run out of cards, you lose.
  5. Break a rule, you lose.
  6. Get caught bluffing, you lose.
  7. The game ends when all but 1 player is eliminated.

Most cards are self-punishing. So can you survive yourself?

  • 2-5 players
  • 2-20 minute playtime
  • Ages 14+
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74 reviews for I’M RIGHT YOU’RE WRONG – CLASSIC (14+)

  1. partypanda3001 (verified owner)

    ‘I’m Right You’re Wrong is a favorite in my house. My husband always wants to start game night with this one because it’s such a fast paced game and we don’t have to commit a ton of time to it. Also when we have friends over who don’t play a ton of games, this ones easy enough for them to pick up.

  2. butterfringers44 (verified owner)

    This game is the perfect ice-breaker for any party or game-night. I’m Right You’re Wrong brought out all my families competitive spirit (for better or worse) and had us all laughing. Great game!

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