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This expansion pack will literally break your game play sending you through space and time. It could be good, it could be bad, but it will certainly mess things up! Play with this if you like a little spice and rule bending in your game. 


This is not a stand-alone game.

Add these 6 cards to a Classic or NSFW full game, to introduce a little cosmic mayhem to your game.  This deck is filled with contributions from our fans.

11 reviews for GAME-BREAKER – EXPANSION (14+)

  1. T.Ohar

    Bought this with the yellow classic box. I play magic the gathering and my friends can never play with me because they don’t know how to play. This is a good ‘gateway game’ to get them into the game world.

  2. lisa shulay

    This expansion is my favourite. Super creative and soooo different from other games.

  3. O’shawn

    I bought this for the artwork, and the game ended up being even better!

  4. bailey9

    hahahhah my little bro literally came back from the dead in this game. this expansion pack really messes you up LOL

  5. ueue1

    I bought this game for the artwork and then found out how fun it is. Damn. these guys killed it.

  6. john thomas

    Fun, creative, and different from the other games i’ve played.

  7. Monique Rablan

    Really cool game for birthday parties.

  8. michelle browne

    My kids are 10 and 12. It was a blast! 🎉

  9. Jake Louis

    It’s like UNO, but with actual strategy and incredible artwork.

  10. Tiffany

    I thought this was a little kids game because the artwork is so cute, but it’s actually so much fun for adults! I guess like the simpsons / rick n morty – cool artwork but adult jokes.

  11. layne r.

    Such a creative idea for an expansion pack. I like how they just decided to BREAK the game LOL!

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