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This is not a stand-alone game.

The drinking game you wish existed! 15 weird cards that will get you tipsy and then some. Bring this to a frat party, game night or birthday party. It’s how drinking games SHOULD be done.

This is an expansion pack, so make sure to pair it with the Classic or NSFW full game.

Please drink responsibly. Do not drink and drive.

By purchasing this game, or by keeping this game beyond 30 days from the date of purchase, all players understand, accept, and acknowledge and understand the risks and dangers associated with the consumption of alcohol. This game is not intended to encourage excessive drinking and the makers of this game do not condone such.


  1. Milly Roghue

    It’s so absurd lol. I love it.

  2. naruto4

    This game is going to be famous. It’s sooooo fun!

  3. alejan88

    I loveeeee this! I hope they make it in spanish

  4. blzzzz4

    I’ve never seen a drinking game like this before. I hope they make even more expansion packs because this was SOOOOOO FUN!

  5. boe6x6

    Played this at a frat party. Had to buy for myself. This game is a gongshow.

  6. tanya77

    Artwork is unbelievable. Super fun game.

  7. meow6

    These cards are super funny. I liked pouring a drink into my friends mouth πŸ˜†

  8. gamegirlx

    Way better than other drinking games that just make you take boring shots. This has a sort of ‘dare’ element to it. I hope they make more drinking games. this is so much fun.

  9. jessy

    If I were to imagine the perfect drinking game, this is it!

  10. mumb09

    I want to write a review, but I got so drunk that I can’t remember.

  11. T.R

    Not going to lie…. it gets hard to play after a few shots becuase there’s some strategy involved, but that also makes it hilarious.

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