#RandomWorlds Discord Q&A w/ Derek & Darylle

Derek Lam: Hi, I’m Derek. And this is my first Discord QA!

Darylle Johnson: Hi guys! I’m Darylle (like the guys name Darrel)

Derek Lam: Darylle and I are releasing a game, called “I’m Right You’re Wrong“. I’s a light strategy card game about arguments. It’s a take that style game, but instead of spells and pocket monsters, it has insults. Most of the cards suck though, so it’s more about making hard decisions, playing your least worst option, to not f**k yourself over.


Michael Harmon: Reminds me of a Monty Python sketch

Derek Lam: Reminds me about how my wife and I decide who’s turn it is to do the dishes~ Nobody likes to do dishes so it gets nasty.

Michael Harmon: I’m always wrong about that

Henry: Time is the currency of life. @derekonomy Why should people spend their time on your I am Right your Wrong card game? In a flooded market of comic cards games what does your game provide more than any other, what makes your game unique and why should people play it more than any other?

Derek Lam: Well I love card games… but unfortunately I have are hard time getting my friends into them. The time investment to learn the game I…. We made this game to be easy to pick up and get into. To bridge the gap between gamers and non-gamers. That’s our pain point.

Also… there is a cute little theme in it… originally the game was a bit more self-reflective about how we deal with conflict these days. But, we toned that down a bit for the sake of fun, not being preachy about it

Blind Bard: So what would you say to a gamer who isn’t directly into card games to get them to pick up yours?

Derek Lam: I feel there aren’t enough games for people who has nothing to say to mom after dinner~ and just wants to bust out a card game

Henry: What makes your game unique? There are many comedy Card games, exploding kittens, cards against humanity and so on what is the thing that makes yours different?

Derek Lam: I would say, check this out, it’s hilarious. it’s easy to pick up and won’t take a ton of time. I’ll be honest, In my world, I love exploding kittens. It is what got me into the whole table top world. I want more of that. But, what makes us different is the twist – the mechanics is something else. We compared ourselves to a lot of games going into this… oddly found ourselves closer to Jenga… but with cards.

Henry: Tell us about the mechanics make it unique?

Darylle Johnson: Personally, my friends are tired of cards against humanity. We aren’t a social interaction game, but are definitely controversial. I think people are afraid to put out content that’s too controversial nowadays with all the cancel culture. We have a comparison chart, i’ll pull it up.

Derek Lam: Unlike the other card games, and deck builders. You have a handful of negative cards. Much like when you’re locked into a heated argument… lots of terrible things to say. The game is actually trying to hold and not play cards.

Blind Bard: Would you be able to, within the PG-13 limits of this group, tell us what makes at least part of it controversial? Or is it mostly rated R?

Derek Lam: We tried our absolute best to make it family friendly. So no swears or inappropriate lingo… we made it absurd instead. It was hard to make an argument without the swears. So we do have leftovers we are going to incorporate into a NSFW

Henry: Very useful for interviews such as this and shows you have thought ahead. @Derekonomy @Darylle What are your roles/relations to the game

Derek Lam: I am the game designer. Darylle is everything else. We have one more, Will Heldt (from UK) who is the illustrator.

Dan Davenport: How do you all know each other?

Derek Lam: We are old friends.

Henry: Okay so I will be honest a lot of my questions are lost because usually I am set up for RPGs but this something slightly outside of that wheel house but with an overlap. So I will ask a lead in question while I write/think some things up. @derekonomy @Darylle Do the two of you play RPGs if so which ones?

Derek Lam: I absolutely LOVE rpg’s in terms of video games… I played anything everything from Square and Bethesda. I also like Blizzard stuff, so I am more mainstream. In terms of the TT realm, I am pretty new, hence why I figure we need more games that can ease us into things. I recently bought dungeon mayhem.

Darylle Johnson: Derek and I met through a mutual friend about 15 years ago. We’re both lifelong entrepreneurs, but separately. He ran restaurants, bars, blogs, a dating site, a brand and marketing agency. I’ve run a dance studio and an events company. Since covid, I was forced to close both businesses and asked Derek to partner up on something. He had this wild idea for an argument game and we really just hit the ground running.

Darylle Johnson: I wish we had Will in here. He’s our illustrator and loves RPG’s and dungeons and dragons. He’s played a real integral part in building our game and characters

Derek Lam: hahaha the idea game from the epic arguments we use to have in the office. Don’t matter whether it’s Asia or North America… people get crazy passionate over politics, and one day I just imagined people as literary wizards, hurling insults.

Henry: @derekonomy @Darylle What makes a person decide to go down the path of trying to make a comedy card game? I mean it could be profitable, but just like anyone who enters the RPG market I can’t think you started out thinking of they money. So, why? What drove you? It seems like you guys were starting to answer that anyway…

Derek Lam: …and hence the game idea. the mechanics just kinda evolved from there

Henry: What were your first stumbling blocks ?

Darylle Johnson: Derek was hard pressed from day one that we have to choose something that has purpose, not passion. That we need to make a difference and it will keep us going even when times get hard..

Darylle Johnson: @derekonomy i feel like you should explain the meat of this

Derek Lam: @Henry It is exactly that… off the record. I felt the world was getting a bit more combative, especially around 2016 (when I first thought of this game). I feel games has a way of bringing people together, and having a safe environment to work their sh*t out~

Derek Lam: First stumbling blocks… the original game was too clever

Dan Davenport: Too clever?

Derek Lam: It was based on fallacies, and used real world mean stuff we all say to each other. Got to real and not funny.

Dan Davenport: Ah.

Derek Lam: Healthy people laugh. Unhealthy couples point at each other and say “YOU ALWAYS SAY THAT.” Plus, it wasn’t fun for kids. We spent a lot of time pivoting back and forth trying to find that balance. Fun comes first.

Derek Lam: We also buried the RPG element to it. It may oddly play like role-play therapy, and that comparison is something we wanted to avoid…I dunno. what do you think? As soon as your therapists starts recommending you a game, it’s no longer cool, right?

Dan Davenport: There’s probably something to that, yes.

Darylle Johnson: LOL @derekonomy

Henry: It seems the two of you have a strong focus on getting along and saying that politics has gotten heated (I am not disagreeing). So I wanted to ask, is this meant to be in a way an alternative to the more provocative cards against humanity?

Derek Lam: Not right now it isn’t 

Darylle Johnson: In one way yes, but another way no. The NSFW adult version is very provocative. We have expansions that get pretty intense. The classic game is very PC. The mature stuff is borderline risking getting in trouble lol.

Dan Davenport: How does game play work?

Derek Lam: Ahhh glad you asked. It’s not meant to be “interactive” like cards against humanity. It plays out like any card brawler. Draw a card and pick a card to play, then deal with the consequences. Our twist – most of the cards suck. You run out of cards, you lose (some cards deplete your hand). You run out of comebacks, or break a rule, you lose (some cards have rules). You don’t want to return 2 cards it’s bad.

Dan Davenport: Can you give an example of a card? I don’t normally play card games, so saying it’s like a card brawler doesn’t mean much to me.  

Derek Lam: Here are some examples:

Dan Davenport: The art is quite amusing. 

Henry: I have heard both of you talk about NSFW version of the game. Based off what got taken out. Was what was taken out sexual in nature or more adult as in adult themed, politics, controversy and so on? and in a NSFW version what can we expect?

Derek Lam: Want to see a card?
@Darylle am I allowed?

Darylle Johnson: Dan might kick us out hehe

Derek Lam: The actual card doesn’t have the censor

Dan Davenport: Nah, you’re fine. Especially since you self-censored. 

Henry: Sure

Derek Lam: @Henry too late, you saw it. Now you can’t unsee it

Henry: ayyya
ha ha

Henry: You have a very specific art style, what made you choose that?

Derek Lam: The b/w? Or the characters?

Dan Davenport: I assume he means the characters.

Derek Lam: We have 4 characters based on 4 personality quadrants. They may or may not remind you of someone. We created a little backstory for them too~

Darylle Johnson: **^^^ derek has a brand and marketing agency so character personas is his thing lol

Derek Lam: But we didn’t lean too hard into it, as we didn’t want people getting lost. We realized we wanted the game is to be easy to learn and pick up.

Henry: the ascetic*

Derek Lam: I love comics and it prioritized the color. Also, we really didn’t want to make this too serious.

Dan Davenport: Interesting. You really should try TTRPGs, then. You’d do well. 

Henry: Sorry guys life has chosen for me to be very popular in this moment for some reason

Derek Lam: No apologies, I love these questions. I’m working on it… first I need someone to play with! That’s why I need to slowly onboard my tribe~ My wife is at SushiGo level. ut I’ll be honest… I don’t like Uno… just numbers and colors, I need strategy in my life.

Dan Davenport: Well, we sometimes arrange online games in here, so… 

Henry: With your cards the choice of illustration, the style of text, even the edging has a specific style this what I mean with what went into these choices with the art

Derek Lam: I’m here now! Now to find someone who is willing to put up with my noobness.

Dan Davenport: Good! I hope you stick around! You too, @Darylle! 

Dan Davenport: Oh, we love noobs!

Derek Lam: That’s one thing… the TT world is very intimidating

Darylle Johnson: It took a lot of back and forth. We wanted something edgy and new, while at the same time giving the classic card game vibe. It was dereks idea to do the grey on colour to give us something new from the current games in our space

Derek Lam: Ahhh the illustration and text… When we were first starting, we started with a Jab Publishing website. And I wanted something old school, yet modern, but not too serious/pretentious. In terms of the edges and the layouts… I got out voted. Simple as that.

Dan Davenport: It’s definitely distinctive.

Henry: I can’t say for sure but I get the feeling you want to be a-political (without politics), is this case and why?

Derek Lam: Shhhhhh hahahah. I mean I feel we have something to share… but we can’t be too forward or preachy about it. after all it’s just a perspective. So it’s defintely not going to be our official selling point, or is there going to be a manifesto inside the box. If we stripe down all the fluff.

Henry: I totally respect being a political I used to run a painting channel for miniatures and it ruined that so I get it

Derek Lam: We are promoting friendship (through a game about arguments). Strip away the politics and sociology… that’s what it’s all about.

Henry: That’s awesome. I love that. I truly do

Dan Davenport: What is your least favorite aspect of this game?

Derek Lam: Whao… orc politics? Warhammer politics?

Henry: Politics invading but more Warhammer than Ork but everyone was welcome all painting levels we had pros and amateurs!

Dan Davenport: It was @danhunsaker’s question first. 

Derek Lam: I’ll be honest… I don’t joke around like a kid… I use big boy words~ real fighting words. So I didn’t like it being stripped out of the main game. But hopefully we can make amends with this NSFW. It feels more real to me.

Darylle Johnson: ^^^ same

Derek Lam: You better believe I’ll be yelling out the card when laying down some sweet sweet insults

Henry: Imagine I am Right your Wrong! has gone triple platinum, people no longer say I am going to play Cards Against Humanity they say I am Right! usually followed by someone saying Your wrong, instead. People cosplay as characters from your game and people wear merch about I am Right your Wrong! like Nirvana T-Shirts. Usually saying something like I love lasagna, Mondays am I right. Imaging that.

  1. How does it make you feel?
  2. What is the thing that gets you in trouble?
  3. What is the one thing you loved from your game that now makes you cringe?

Darylle Johnson: @Henry i love this!!!!!

Derek Lam: 1) I have two parts to this answer (an official one and a personal one)
a) I love it
b) If this game even make 1% of the people nicer… the more the merrier. After making this game… I can honestly say I don’t fight with my wife the way i use to, and I don’t mind doing the dishes as much~

Dan Davenport: That’s cool!

Derek Lam: but that’s my unofficial answer~ shhh not a doctor
2) The thing that gets us introuble? hard to say… we had to walk back so many things. Ie. remove the middle finger, don’t remove the minddle finger. I don’t know

3) I don’t have anything… the way it came together was all serendipitous

Darylle Johnson:

  1. It amps me up beyond belief. I came from the dance world and community was so big. If we can recreate that environment through a game, I’d really feel like we were successful.
  2. everything. I’m a troublemaker by nature. Rules are mean’t to be broken type of person. This is probably the reason I was so on board with a controversial game and an unconventional business idea.
  3. I loved the idea that we could make a Cards Against Humanity type of game. And now that people think we are like CAH, I cringe lol

Darylle Johnson: oh maybe I misunderstood the question #2 lol. ohwell

Derek Lam: The backwards mechanics was a happy accident, that leant itself from just the theme and nature of the game. If we had set out to make another pokemon TCG but with insults, I’d have another answer~

Dan Davenport: About how long does a typical game take?

Darylle Johnson: Can range about 2-20 minutes. You can start the game with a 3-7 card hand (less for luck based, 7 for strategy). I’ve been killed off in 2 minutes before, while other games last longer.

Henry: What is the one thing you wished people asked about I am Right your Wrong! but haven’t yet?

Derek Lam: @Henry your questions. The deep down nitty gritty, the essence. reason of being

Darylle Johnson: There’s been a lot of assuming of what the game is about. This is the first time we’ve been asked in depth open questions. It’s great, smiling ear to ear right now

Derek Lam: @Henry I have to thank you so much for asking, because we don’t say it… but mental health, and relationships is very important to us… and it’s the lifeforce of everything we do

Henry: Totally get it believe it or not I studied psych that’s why I love painting the flow state baby. But yeah. Anything you wish we asked?

Derek Lam: Yes, when we launch and how people can support!  hahahahaha

Derek Lam: @Henry I think you really got the our soul this round. That was the one thing I was dying to let out… and haven’t had a chance.

Henry: Can you tell us when you launch and how much the items will be?

Derek Lam: We launch July 13 8am PST, our regular game is $20 USD

Dan Davenport: How many cards in the game?

Derek Lam: 68, plus stretch goals

Dan Davenport: Nice.

Derek Lam: fyi, expansions are free, not an add-on. Don’t like that buy your own reward sh*t!

Henry: Do you have a link to this?

Darylle Johnson:

Henry: Okay usually this is my final question and its about RPGs but I want to do a follow up with you guys. What are people not talking about in the ‘Geek’ community that should be and why? Usually that’s the Role-playing community, but I figure this covers you a little more.

Derek Lam: I’m not 100% what the “Geek” community is to be honest. I just see a lot forums. I’m a power wanderer in Reddit

Henry: I will rephrase and say the Gaming community. Would that make it easier to answer?

Derek Lam: How about in general sense… I don’t think the world talks about mental health enough. And when it comes to video games, people definitely not talking about going on a hike with mom~

Darylle Johnson: I come from the arts world and what I noticed from there was a lack of inclusivity. I do not know if this is the same in the gaming community, but when Derek said he wanted a game that bridged hard core gamers to social gamers, I could get on board with that. I feel like this is something the whole world needs more of, not any one community. That’s the best I can answer.

Derek Lam: But generally, I love the gaming community. People are so much nicer, and that goes to show… games can make people nicer! And we just need to get more people gaming – MOAR!

Derek Lam: If there is a question that hasn’t been asked, I probably asked it… hahaha everyone is so supportive and helpful.

Dan Davenport: That’s good to hear. 

Derek Lam: Yes I asked what a “meeple” was! it’s ok. Ididn’t get booted. @Dan Davenport still want to play an TTRPG with me?

Dan Davenport: Of course!

Derek Lam: I also really love the game designer community

Henry: Mental health is obviously something you consider a high priority. Do you think I am Right your Wrong helps! with that?

Derek Lam: Seeing all those dreams and schemes and fancy art work. better than picking up nitting

Derek Lam: Henry official answer… it’s a fun game. whether you want to look deeper into it, is up to you. (not a doctor). Unofficial answer. If you draw parallels to the world in which ego is king… you may see something.

Henry: I actually laughed out loud at that (not a doctor) I remember it from some cartoon/animating networks end credit

Dan Davenport: Is there anything we haven’t covered that you’d like to bring up?

Derek Lam: Do you think this has a place in the hard core gamer world?

Henry: I think it does have a place in the world of hardcore games, because people need to be less hard core. People in Warhammer, Magic the Gathering and D&D sometimes need to be… socialised. This could help. For the people who already are they will enjoy it! I have already shared it with one friend

Derek Lam: People us what’s our favorite game all the time… and I say Exploding Kittens. Not because it’s particularly a brilliant game, it’s because I have people to play it with. I may be wrong, but most people need to play mousetrap, before getting into Gloomhaven.

Henry: I want to say keep this energy up! I have really loved hearing from both @derekonomy and @Darylle I feel a real warmth and humour in the way you communicate and that is often hard to get across with text. VERY HARD… (no I am not making a pitch for a NSFW card  ) But I want to say good bye to both of you and wish both of you the best of luck!

Darylle Johnson: Really enjoyed being here and sharing this time with you

Dan Davenport: Thanks very much for joining us, guys!

Derek Lam: Thank you, and have a lovely one. I’m sure I’ll be lurking around here

Henry: I really hope that you do kick CAH off the thrown you seem like you would be a much better more apolitical fit and would be more inclusive, less divisive and much more friendly. Good luck to both of you and of course your illustrator who isn’t here! Bye bye!

July 9, 2021

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