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Review – I’m Right You’re Wrong

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The Product:

I’m Right You’re Wrong is a turn-based card game focused on outlasting your opponents in a war of words and comebacks.  

What makes I’m Right You’re Wrong unique is that most of the cards are purposefully bad. This becomes a game of playing your least worst options.  You have to survive what your opponents throw at you and all the muck you pile on yourself as well.

The object of the game is to be the final player-standing by either being the last person to run out of cards or being the only survivor after everyone else has been eliminated for breaking rules.

On their turn, a player will draw and then play one card.  Simply put, do what the card says and then move on to the next player.  In more detail: there are three card types that you’ll want to carefully plan around in order to increase your chances of survival.  Red attack cards are usually bad for you.  Green highroad cards normally help you.  Yellow trap cards can go either way depending on who sets off your trap and how.  Figuring out when to play your cards in order to keep yourself alive while also leaving some options open is the heart of the game.  

The game has a built in “timer” since the discard will never be reshuffled into a new deck.  When the deck runs out, everyone keeps playing with what they have until only one player remains.  It will be especially hard to survive late game, since most of the good options have been used and all the bad cards people returned to the bottom of the deck are waiting to finally blow up in people’s faces.

I’m Right You’re Wrong will hold 2-5 players and should last 2-20 minutes.  The game is marketed for ages 14+. 

Do you have what it takes to win the argument or at least get the last word without coming off like a complete moron?

Our Thoughts:

I’m Right You’re Wrong is a simple card game that might still take you a few playthroughs to fully appreciate.  Players need to make the mental shift from “I’m going to win!” to “I need to survive.”  When that understanding dawns, I’m Right You’re Wrong truly shines.

Within the theming of the game, being mean will punish you while kindness often pays off.  In the context of actual gameplay, you’ll need to focus on finding the right balance of colored cards to give yourself options, while hopefully cutting off those of your opponents.  Many cards either prevent you or your opponents from playing specific colors.  If you can force someone to “break a rule” that could bring you closer to victory.  However, you have to make sure nobody does the same to you.  Keep your options as open as possible!  

This is a light strategy game and you’ll be slightly at the whims of the cards you draw, but with careful execution, you just may be able to outlast everyone else who is dealing with the same hindrances.  Remember, all players are using a tough set of cards, so the game doesn’t just hate you… probably.

Being a quick game, I’m Right You’re Wrong works well as a warm-up or cool down for your game nights. The game is easy to learn and understand, especially with the clear color coding.  It may take a few playthroughs for everyone to start realizing the best strategies for success, but there should be plenty of fun up to that point and beyond.  The silliness of the cards should also bring a little extra joy as everyone learns the game.

Personally, we enjoyed it best with a larger group, but we still found it entertaining as a pair as well.  The best part of this game being so quick, is it’ll be easy to justify fitting in just one more game each time.

C&C’s Verdict:
I’m Right You’re Wrong is a light strategy game that can add a quick but entertaining option to game nights.  The easy rules and simple color-coding makes this a great game for beginners or anyone that is looking for some fast fun.  Expect plenty of requests to play once you own it. 

July 19, 2022

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