We Took a Social Media Hiatus

Some of you may have noticed we haven’t been posting very much lately.

  • Darylle sold all her shit, and became a digital nomad.
  • I (Derek) had a child.

It was time to give our IRL a little TLC, and be in the moment.

We had fought our natures for a bigger part of the last year, since before I even found out I was going to be a father— and now that little fucker is making moves. Neither Darylle and I are public people. Yet for the launch of this game, we were developing content and building an audience. It’s a completely different experience than just simply sharing our beer, glistening in the afternoon sun.

We made a game to take our eye balls off the screen and bring people together to poke fun at the world and ourselves. But our experience running the social media was anything but.

Running our social media, made us constantly look differently about ourselves. Our days and feelings hung by the number of likes, saves and comments. It was fun, but we lost a bit of our hearts in the process of learning and calculating our engagements. It took a lot of tweaking to figure out “who we are” and getting the right message across.

We were constantly in a state of fomo or doubt. Do people understand our game? Do people even know we have a game? Does our theme matter? Are we too brash? Are we not enough? Do we even have the right audience?

It’s a shitty way to experience business. But it’s more of a fucked up way to live life.

We don’t need to go over the dangers of social media. It’s been widely, and succinctly covered by professional health authorities and by their own creators on Netflix’s, ‘Social Dilemma’.

Running @rightwronggame gave us a new experience and perspective about modern life with social media.

After experiment after experiment, we needed to realign our hearts and our natures. Our message needs to reflect the internal promise we made to ourselves, as mental health enthusiasts. We want create more reasons to put down the phone and explore our relationships.

A Social Media detox is just what we need to explore life and purpose for the challenges ahead.

March 21, 2022

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