What Does This Game Mean?

Words have power.

Our generation is discovering more recently just how much that means.

Sticks and stones can hurt us physically.  But words can start wars, spread mistrust, or just hurt someone’s feelings.  Sometimes it’s the intent behind the word.  Sometimes it’s the experience the word elicits.  It’s sad when public figures still can’t understand that.  Words can make us feel terrible, even with the most honest intent. 

But words can inspire, promote, and comfort.  Days can be brightened.  Understanding can be forged. Peace can be made. 

Words have value.

To many, words are a prerogative, used without filter or care.  For some around the world, words are a blessing— something they are having increasingly less of.  Words are the difference between freedom and oppression; a medium for empowerment and decay.

Words have impact.

Sometimes the effects are felt immediately, other times it builds towards something else.  Words can change somebody’s day and, in time, mind.  When locked in a war of words, CAREFUL!  ‘Don’t shoot yourself in the foot.’

— Don’t start wars.  Use your words.

March 16, 2022

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