What is a”Fun-First” Mental Health Game?

Aren’t games inherently suppose to be fun?

We actually didn’t set out to make a game. We were looking to make a mental wellness product. But we didn’t want to make something that was preachy and felt like self-help. If it was so easy to actively read or meditate, we would have already done it. We wanted to make a product that fit into the everyday and made growth feel natural.

When we decided on making a game, we knew immediately it couldn’t be something that felt like it belonged in a therapist’s office. We wanted a game that people would want to play. It had to be fun-first, in both function and in appeal. It had be emphasised, because there is nothing currently fun about the mental health industry. It’s serious stuff.

We didn’t want to just grab people off the street and say, “Do better! Be more woke!” that’s not us.

As a mental health company. We choose themes that are real and relatable. In order for our message to be stick, our games have to be cool and engaging. So by fun-first, we ultimately don’t want people to even feel/know they are playing a mental health product. If nothing else, we’re willing to live with our products just being fun.

When people say they don’t get why this is a mental health company, then we have done our jobs.

June 27, 2022

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