Why Independent Retailers?

It’s no secret we are looking to get into local stores. Wouldn’t it be easier if we just ran PPC to Amazon?

There are a few business reasons why getting into retail stores makes sense. But there is one major reason why being on store shelves hits home hard.

Local independent stores build communities. It’s people and face-to-face that stoke curiosity into passion. Any little shops of dreams makes an otherwise boring little neighborhoods worth walking. In the case of game stores and cafes, they build gathering points. To be part of that instills pride into our hearts.

When my son was at born, we spent 3 days at the NICU, during my first “White Christmas” in a while. The beauty of the snow fall canvasing the streets only reminded me about what I’m missing by sitting in a hospital room, listening to concurrente heart rate monitors, watching my child all hooked up. But when Christmas rolled in, we received care packages from families who had taken the time to organize something special for the patience. It really made my wife’s misery melt away. The donations were from the various businesses in their communities, not Amazon. They weren’t just some bluetooth speaker, they were thoughtfully curated.

It was then and there, that ‘supporting local’ really clicked. Purchasing an item from a store isn’t simply transactional. The small bricks and mortars are run by real people, who have real hearts, who build real communities. Your business goes beyond just the tangible product you buy. They are also the ones that give small timers a shot. You are literally supporting a platform for small businesses to disrupt.

To the wonderful stores that have reached out to Funagain games, we can’t wait to learn more about you and how we can support. Everyday we talk to business owners and dreamers. As a people company, it’s one of the absolute BEST part of what we do. The game community is lovely.

To those who buy games and gifts, please support local. We are doing our best to keep our prices competitive to even our own stores, and encourage you to buy from the shop down the street. (If they don’t have it, refer them to us).

July 10, 2022

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