Not Sure Why This Is A Mental Wellness Product?

… Then we have done our jobs.

We make fun-first games that promote mental wellness.’

But what does that mean?


We’re not going to make games that look taken from the doctor’s office. It won’t follow the obvious themes and typical convention. We want our games to be fun, even if you don’t pick up on the thematic subtleties. Some of our games will even parody dysfunction. Self-reflection is entirely optional. But what if it comes naturally?

Mental Wellness

Games are naturally a mental wellness product. It brings people together. It teaches us how to manage and control the hand you are dealt. It provides a safe environment to practice conflict.

But by combining conceptual game mechanics to familiar themes, we develop a platform to rewire our brains to new perspectives and self-reflection. Gaming is a great way to introduce learning.

Putting it All Together

Not everybody can pick up a book and feel whole. Not everybody is seeking a proactive approach to their mental health. We may not think about mental wellness, until we don’t have it.

So we’re bringing the mental wellness to people, where they find, laughter, enjoyment and love, by making games that people will want to play. What we’ll have here is self-help, without the self-helpiness.

June 13, 2022

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